Monday, January 19, 2015

Uplifting Moments

I had a very uplifting moment last Saturday while working at the office.  It reminded me of my initial blog, so I thought I would put down my thoughts in this blog.  In late 1989 I saw a new patient family in our office and their young son, we will call him Jason.  Jason came in with his parents for an initial examination.  Over the intervening 25 years we have been treating him with regular cleanings and hygiene visits and a few miscellaneous fillings.  He had a typical complication we see with many young patients.  Some hygiene issues leading to the cavities that he now has fillings on.  He came in last Saturday to get his teeth cleaned and to say goodbye.  He had just graduated from college and at 30 years old he has become an EMT and is moving to Half Moon Bay with his young family to begin work there for the fire department.  He has always enjoyed the water and we spent many dental visits discussing his love for water sports.  Now he is very excited because the fire department in Half Moon Bay has water craft that the EMT’s use to help distressed patients out on the water as well as the more typical land emergencies.  I thanked him for his upcoming service to the community as a first responder and wished him well with his career and the life ahead that he is about to embark on.  Perhaps it is moments like this that bring me into work every day and make it so enjoyable.  Can there really be a better profession then one in which you get to help people every day over years and years and watch them grow and to mature into such important contributors to our society.  I think not, but perhaps that is why I am a dentist.

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