Friday, May 8, 2015

In Memory of Mickie Baker.

I am here to tell you a little story about Boulevard Family Dentistry.  It's a question that I am often asked about and that is our large clock in the window of the front of the building.  I view it as our Elk Grove version of the "Back to the Future" clock tower.  Our building was built in 1974 by one of our patients and a builder.  He called our building his "little bit of Paris in Elk Grove” due to the masonry roof and the brick façade that he placed on the building.  The building went through a couple of different owners, all of which were my landlords, until the building was sold to Mickie Baker.  Mickie Baker traveled extensively worldwide and loved to bring back items of interest.  One day when she was in Belgium, she fell in love with a little clock shop that made hand crafted clocks.  She had them fabricate a custom window clock for her “little bit of Paris” and she hung it up in  the window on her side of the building, which is currently the hygiene side of the office.  Before she passed away in 2000, she rented us the entire office space and had me place the clock on our side of the building.   She made me promise that I would always maintain her beloved clock.  After I purchased the building I made it my goal to  grant her last wish.  Despite the fact that we have remodeled the building to update to current American Disabilities Act standards, and we lost the French masonry roof and the brick work across the front, I have kept my promise to Mickie as you can see whenever you drive by.  The clock is still there keeping accurate time for whomever passes by, maybe Michael J Fox in the Delorean.

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