Thursday, July 2, 2015

Like Us On Facebook

Social media seems to be taking over the world today including dentistry.  Just look at our office.  We have changed our name in part due to the influence of social media.  We see it every day here with our Facebook check-in gifts and other Facebook contests, our posts on Instagram and our new website. We see patients using their mobile devices constantly while waiting for x-rays, examinations, even to the point where they are playing internet games while they are having dental work done.  But the one app I have the most fun with is the selfies that patients take when they are undergoing treatment.  One that comes to mind specifically occurred the other day and it was the oldest patient that we have ever had take a selfie to post on Facebook for her great granddaughter. She is 85 years young and was not sure how to operate her  iPhone so I had Autumn help her take the photo and post it for her great granddaughter on her Facebook account.  It was a riot and so much fun.  By the way did you know that Facebook founder and CEO Zukerman’s father is a dentist in Long Island and that he lectures nationally on the influence of social media in dentistry.  But that is a story for another blog.

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