Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Cruise

Well our 86th trip since 1984 is now history.  This was our 3rd staff morale booster in 2015.  The first one was our adventure for a full day of fun at Great America and a private tour of Levi Stadium the next day.  We had over 70 people participating, by far the most of any of our trips,  The 2nd was the 4th of July trip to Lake Tahoe at a property call the Ridge in Heavenly Valley Resort.  The trip included fireworks, hiking, and certainly a lot of beach/water sports.  This latest trip was a week long Princess Cruise of California and Ensenada, Mexico.  We had over 30 staff members and family for fun in the sun on the ocean and beaches of California.  The highlights were numerous but maybe the best was one of our spouses winning over $1400 in the casino and securing a full alcohol drink card as a bonus.  Other notable experience may be one of our hygienists learning to live with a family of 5 in 140 square foot cabin set up for 4.  Or how about one of our staff members learning to live with her 2 year old grandchild along with the rest of her family in that same size cabin.  All in all, I believe from the start, with the Blue Angels and Fleet week send off, and cruising under the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset, to getting back to home sweet home, this was another expense well spent.  

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