Thursday, June 9, 2016

Circle of Life

Being a Disneyholic can have its positive and negative aspects and the one that comes to mind for me most recently is the movie, The Lion King in which there is a substantial emphasis on the “Circle of Life.”  I have had that occur to me and my family several times in the very recent past.  I recently returned from Los Angeles where my mother-in-law who is 98 years old is getting Hospice care at the end of her very long life.  That same week Dr. Naten’s wife gives birth to a new little baby girl, is this the “Circle of Life” from The Lion King? In that same time frame we had a terrible tragedy in my household.  My 15-year-old Morgan horse passed away suddenly due to a rupture of his abdomen into his thoracic cavity which was untreatable. In accessing our sudden loss Karen and I decided it would be best to rescue a mustang from the Bureau of Land Management, who was destined to be euthanized. Once again, part of the “Circle of Life”. These types of situations certainly give me pause to wonder about our place and how we fit into the grand scheme of this “circle of life”. It probably is not dental but I find myself taking a lot of time to contemplate these issues and to appreciate our time together with friends and family as I hope all of you do. Thanks for reading my blog.

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