Thursday, July 21, 2016

Life's Mission Statement

Almost 15 years ago I came to the conclusion that our government’s efforts to control every aspect of our life was becoming so oppressive that as a small business person it was impossible for me to keep up with all new government regulations.  We opted to hire a staff outsourcing company called Staff Resources who would handle all of our human resources needs and essentially I would be “leasing” my staff from staff resources. Jo, our HR representative from Staff Resources, was in charge of general supervision of our practice. She instilled in me the necessity of equal treatment for everyone in the practice. I could not play favorites with staff members. I had a close working relationship with staff members. We have worked with this concept for many years and it has serviced us well which brings me to the reason for this blog. In contemplating this concept of fairness for all I came up many years ago with my life’s mission statement so I thought I would write it down and it has been in my file ever since and I thought I would now blog it.

 My life’s mission statement reads “I believe that I have a responsibility to be a good person by that I mean fair, honest, hardworking and honorable. If I do that, if I am good to my family, fair to my staff and patients, true to my friends. If I give back to the community, if I am not a liar, a cheat or a thief then I believe that should be good enough. At the end of the day if there is indeed somebody or presence standing there to judge me, I hope that I will be judged on whether I lived that true life and not whether I worshiped a certain “God.”

 Even though I wrote this many years ago, I believe it is as true today as when we first hired on Jo from Staff Resources to verify that we are “fair” to all of our staff. See you on our next blog. 

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