Thursday, September 1, 2016

Stress Test

One of the best aspects of aging is that you see life in different perspectives over a period of years. After doing dentistry for 40 years I have certainly seen a lot of interesting things that primarily has brought me great joy. However, getting old comes with a cost. One of those costs, interesting enough is having your wife yell at you about getting a cardiac stress test done. You know that when you go to the doctor and they put you on a treadmill and increase the speed and inclination to get your heart rate up to see the overall condition of your heart. I got the pleasure of participating in a stress test a few weeks ago after having my wife yell at me for a number of months about it. I went to the doctor’s office the cardiologist checked my medical vitals before I got started and then she gave me over to the technician to perform the stress test. There are 7 levels to the stress test I did get through 5 of them with my heart rate getting up to over 180. When we were on the 3rd level I noticed that the inclination was starting to get to me a little bit so I asked the technician if he ever had anyone pass out while taking the stress test. He indicated that very morning he had a patient go into cardiac arrest while doing a similar stress test. Fortunately, with the cardiologist right there the patient did survive but it did certainly make me wonder about my own mortality and perhaps gave me a little bit more desire to perform well on the stress test. Interesting enough the technician came in a couple of days later as a new patient to our office and we were reminiscing about my adventure at his office. I am anticipating that his adventure in our dental office will be as much of a success as mine was at his and not like the other guy's.  Hopefully I'll see you on my next blog.  

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