Thursday, November 3, 2016


I came to the office 2 weeks ago at 6 AM, which is my usual time on Friday morning, and was surprised to see that our parking lot was a little wet which is certainly unusual as we had not had any rain for some time, but it did not give it a lot of thought. When I opened the door I could hear water rushing. I went over to the hygiene side and found about 2 inches of water on the floor. It was a broken pipe underneath the faucet in our hygiene room #4. I was able to get the water shut off underneath the sink and by 8 AM I was able to broom the water out the hygiene door and mop up all the extra water. I felt that I had done a really good job and we saw all the patients the rest of the day. However, by the next day the laminate floor was buckling up so much that we were unable to close doors completely. I knew we were going to be in for a major bill so I called TDIC (The Dentists Insurance Company) our dental society is self-insured insurance company. I spoke to a representative about 9:30 AM and they sent out their adjuster by noon that same day with a contractor that was supposed to be doing the repairs. After the asbestos and the lead testing was accomplished at 1:00 PM we got clearance to proceed with negative test results by 4:00 PM. The next day all of our floors and sub floors were gone along with 2 feet of sheetrock and most of the hygiene side. They placed in the fans which is normally associated with drying these things out 2 days later they were installing new sheetrock, tape and texture and a couple of days later they installed new sub floor. We are now at 2 weeks the entire hygiene side and the front desk office has been repainted and we have an office full of new flooring that is climatetizing itself to our facility. The flooring contractor is going to be coming in starting this PM and hopefully by Tuesday all the new flooring will be completed and Edison and I get to spend Wednesday AM putting the hygiene rooms back together again. I want to personally thank our fantastic staff and patients who have been very gracious in working around our construction zone and to Donita specifically who has been in charge of design of our new hygiene area. Hopefully the rest of the process will go as smoothly as it has gone so far. Boy it is great to be an optimist.

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