Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lifetime member

There are many advantages to getting older.  One of them is my natural parks senior pass (used to be called the Golden Eagle pass which I liked the name of much better) that allows for free access to all natural parks, forts, monuments, etc.  Next is probably all those senior discounts that you see at restaurants, shops and other retail outlets that provide me with anywhere from 10 to 20% discounts on services.  The next in line would have to be my new Medicare card that covers my health insurance costs.  It was something that concerned me quite a bit but my health insurance costs dropped by over 80% by going onto Medicare.  Certainly a nice financial surprise, but the most important asset for getting older for me personally is that I just received the attached letter from the American Dental Association.  It indicates that I have been a member of the Dental Society for 40 years and have turned 65 years old, so therefore I am now “Life Member.”  To put that in perspective, the SDDS, the local component of the ADA has over 1,400 dentists and only about 20 of them are life members.  It says in the letter “when you receive your life member pin please wear it with pride.”  I will definitely do that and the next time I see you at the office I will be wearing my life member pin, as I do believe it reflects my many years of work to prove the dental health of our community. In addition, I no longer have to pay my membership dues which is once again a nice financial advantage for getting older.  See you on my next blog.

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