Friday, March 4, 2016

Dynamic Duo

The other day we had a long time patient “visit” for the prep and impressions of a new crown on a tooth he had broken. He humorously noted that he looked forward to his visit to see how the “dynamic duo” was doing. I rarely have patients come in for treatment with such enthusiasm and friendliness. He obviously made Edison’s and my day. Edison is originally from the Philippines and came to us here in Sacramento after transitioning with his family on Oahu for five years. He then ended up here in Elk Grove. He is actually a dentist in the Philippines and due to the educational cost for retraining here in the states he opted to continue serving the public as an extremely confident RDA in our office for the last 14 years. In a field where most of his contemporaries are female he stands out as an outstanding example of a caring and sympathetic RDA. In fact, in our office of 19 staff members Dr. Naten, Edison and I are the only males which is not typical for most dental offices. However, the way we work together it’s probably the reason for the dynamic duo compliment. We all strive to do the best that we can for our patients and do dentistry to the highest quality standards possible. And with that thought in mind, Edison and I as a "dynamic duo" will go on to service our large family of patients and I do feel that our new name is a compliment of the highest order and we really appreciate it. 

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