Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tooth Fairy Part 2

In our last Tooth Fairy blog I indicated surveys regarding how much the tooth fairy leaves children in the United States. Since the average in 2015 has gone down 24 cents from 2014 to $3.19. This would be the 2nd consecutive year the tooth fairy has reduced what she leaves under pillows. Surveys found that 32% of respondents reported that $1.00 was left by the tooth fairy the most common amount while nearly 20% of the respondents said the tooth fairy left $5.00 under their pillows and 5% of the household reported that the tooth fairy left $20.00 or more. On the other end of the spectrum 10% of survey respondents said their child received nothing from the tooth fairy. Interesting enough comparing moms to dads, the survey found that for the 2nd year in a row fathers reported to be far more indulgent as the tooth fairy, saying she left nearly 30% more than moms did, $3.63 versus $2.87.  Additionally, if you take it down by regions in the northeast of the United States 25% of the children received $5.00 or more while almost 10% got $20.00 or more bringing the average amount in that area to $3.56,  substantially higher than the overall national average. In the Midwest the tooth fairy left an average of only $3.13,  while the west got $3.09 and the south $3.07.  All this is obviously extremely interesting from my perspective. There are certainly differences in the way different parts of the country view tooth fairy issues and it is certainly something interesting to ponder. Hopefully with improvements in economy the tooth fairy can reverse this recent trend of decreases time will tell.
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